Join Us in Portland!

Date & Time
November 9, 2019 from 5PM to 11PM
NW Cannabis Club
1195 SE Powell Blvd
Portland, OR 97202

Join bio365 for Terps & Tacos to Celebrate the PNW Cannabis Community!

BONUS: FREE $20 Lifetime Membership
to the NW Cannabis Club for RSVP'd OLCC/i502 cultivators—paid for by bio365! (regular memberships at the door)

Share with your community!

(one RSVP per guest, please)


Event Ended

RSVPs are no longer available.

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FREE Flower Contest!

Bring Your Best!

First Prize OLCC/i502 Cultivator:
Trophy & 1 pallet of your choice of bio365 premium soil

First Prize Home Grower:
Trophy & tensiometer for water management

CONTESTANTS: Please bring 2 grams of your best flower and choose the category your flowers best fits into: |Fruity | Floral  |Earthy | FUEL.

NOTE: Submit your entries to Tim Peyton by 7PM.

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FREE Food & Raffles

> FREE FOOD AND BEVERAGES: Street Tacos by Chef Sebastian Carosi


  • Seed packs & Genetics - Seattle Chronic Seeds, JinxProof, Homegrown Natural Wonders
  • Glasswork - Hell Fire Noah, Call Your Fam Glass - dab rig, sherlocks, pipes, pendants & more
  • Art by Jonezy
  • Shirts
  • Jewelry
  • and more!

> Free Rosin Pressing

Tasty Street Tacos

Arrive in time for incredible street tacos by award-winning chef and Cooking with Cannabis columnist, Chef Sebastian Carosi aka #shortordercannabisrevolutionary!

• tacos
• terpene fortified fresh fruit aguas fresca 
• fresh salsa

Organic, fresh ingredients sourced from local bio365 customer RED TRUCK HOMESTEAD!


  • 5:00PM

    Event Opens
  • 7:00PM

    Deadline to Submit Cup Entries


    FREE Tacos by Chef Sebastian Carosi

    Ice Cream for sale from the Ice Cream Man Creamery

  • 8:00PM TO 10:00PM

    Raffles & Give-Aways
  • 10:00 PM

    Contest Winners Announced

About Our Living Soil 

bio365 creates organic, biologically-active and nutrient-efficient biochar-enhanced living soils for cannabis cultivation. 
All our cultivation media are compost-free and manufactured indoors to be consistent and pathogen-free. Our blends reduce costs, decrease transplant shock, and risk of crop loss, while improving health, quality, chemotype expression and yield.