Please join us for an evening to remember together.

Date & Time
August 20, 2020 from 7PM to 8PM CDT
Elks Playlot Park
323 Callan Avenue
Evanston, IL 60202

It's been a while since we have all gathered together and for good reason! As we are all doing our part to help in the fight against the  COVID-19 pandemic, people have been missing time with one another. With the help of Ridgeville Park District, we will be gathering in Elk Playlot Park following COVID-19 guidelines of social distancing and keeping masks on throughout this event. 

Read These Rules!!!

  • Masks are mandatory to participate in the event.
  • IF you feel sick, we will miss you but, please do not come!
  • Bring your own chair/ blanket to sit on.
  • All activities will involve social distancing.
  • Every pod/family unit will sit in designated areas that are six feet apart from each other.
  • Wear clothes that are comfortable.
  • Wear bug spray/long sleeves if you are worried about mosquitoes and other critters.
  • If POSSIBLE, PLEASE WALK OR BIKE to the event instead of driving so as to not crowd parking for the residents near the park.
  • There will be NO restrooms available at the park. Do what you gotta do before you come!

Get Ready To Have Fun!

This will be a party full of memories to remind us how far we've come and to carry us through the coming seasons. 
We will be singing a couple songs, playing a few games, and really celebrating life together as the Reba Church Community. Are you ready to have a safe, good time? If so, RSVP below!

Photo Project 

We will have large sparklers ready for a photo op where you and your pod/household will have a chance to take long exposure photos which will print out and give to you at a later time! Think of what designs, or letters you want to have in a photo! The image to the right are just some creative ideas!


Event Ended

RSVPs are no longer available.