Join Us for an Experiment in Network Building & Solution Sharing

Date & Time
March 10, 2019 from 4PM to 6PM
Michigan House @ The Refinery
612 Brazos
Austin , TX 78701

 Are you working on a wealth gap challenge that impacts health equity in your city such as affordable housing, democratization of capital, or entrepreneurial ecosystems? Bring the biggest wealth gap challenge you are facing in your city. You will create an opportunity to talk with others across the country thinking about similar issues.
What is the wealth gap?
Why does a person making less than $35,000 a year live 6 years less than those with higher income? Why is your zip code more predictive of your health than your genetic code? Why are US systems not incentivized to improve actual health? Leaders from across the country are thinking about solutions to these complex challenges.
The Health Equity and the Wealth Gap convening, an event sponsored by Spectrum Health, Start Garden, and then Austin Community Design & Development Center wants to connect you to other people that are thinking about solutions to health disparities in new and novel ways.

Join us Sunday, March 10, from 4-6pm at Michigan House - 612 Brazos Austin, TX. No Badge required but please RSVP below!!!


Event Ended

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