13 Chefs. 28 Diverse Ingredients.

One Mission. 

Date & Time
July 11, 2019 from 6PM to 9PM CDT
Google Chicago
320 N Morgan St.
Chicago, IL 60607

Inivte Only: Join us for a unique culinary experience at Google's Chicago office, where we will challenge some of the city's most innovative chefs to create delicious, diverse dishes using lesser known ingredients. 

We will showcase what the future of food could be like if we conserve and use the amazing diversity of our foods.

The Food Forever Experience is invite only - for leaders and influencers who can make an impact. Together, we can plant the seed for a better future, and we would be delighted if you can attend. Please RSVP as soon as you can, as there are limited spaces.

What's on the Menu

The Experience will take us from the chef's table to the seed bank and many places in between, as we watch chefs transform the weird and wonderful into the extraordinary.

We'll taste ingenious dishes featuring crops backed up in the Arctic - inside the Svalbard Global Seed Vault – and locally sourced specialties like ramp scapes and ancient corn, as well as rediscovered foods from around the world, such as amaranth, moringa, edible insects and more.

Be prepared to learn a little and be inspired a lot, as we show why these and other lesser-known crops are so important for creating resilient, sustainable and delicious food systems. Come hungry!

Featuring Chefs

Taste the Future of Food 

  • 6:00PM TO 9:00PM

    We’ll start with some “uncommon cocktails” and hors d'oeuvres on the rooftop, enjoying a stunning view of the Chicago skyline.

    Next, we’ll visit the 14 tasting stations set up in the Google café. We’ll sample small plates featuring foods we could be eating in the future if we embrace diversity. Beyond the tasting, the evening will foster discussion and inspire action, as we showcase through food and art the importance of conserving and using the diversity of our foods.

Please RSVP by June 21st

strict visitors list for entry

Event Ended

RSVPs are no longer available.