- Continuing Education Credits available for this event

- 3.0 Credits approved by AIA

- Credits Pending approval by NJ Board of Architects

Date & Time
September 18, 2019 from 8AM to 12PM
Aloft Hotel (Just off NJ Tpke., Exit 4)
558 Fellowship Rd
Mount Laurel, NJ 08054

Hear our legal experts in the areas of Architecture and Engineering. Also Construction Contract Administration (Construction Phase Services) see Learning Objectives and Course Outline below.


  • <p>Gary C. Chiumento</p>

    Gary C. Chiumento

    Practice Areas: Construction Litigation; Real Estate; Personal Injury; Commercial Litigation; Professional Liability including: Architects and Engineers, Construction Managers, Insurance and Real Estate Agents and Brokers, Accountants, Doctors and Nurses.

  • <p>Stephen McNally</p>

    Stephen McNally

    Practice Areas: Professional Liability; Commercial Litigation; Real Estate; Creditor’s Rights; Title Claim Litigation.

  • <p>Jordan S. Tafflin</p>

    Jordan S. Tafflin

    Practice Areas: Professional Liability; Complex Commercial Matters; Construction Litigation

  • <p>Michael J. DeRita</p>

    Michael J. DeRita

    Practice Areas: Professional Liability; Commercial Litigation; Construction Litigation

  • <p>Juan C. Perez</p>

    Juan C. Perez

    Practice Areas: Business/Corporate Litigation; Insurance Defense Litigation; Creditor’s Rights Litigation; Professional Liability; Title Insurance; Real Estate.

  • <p>Paige M. Bellino</p>

    Paige M. Bellino

    Practice Areas: Title Claim Litigation; Professional Liability; Commercial Litigation; Real Estate; Creditor's Rights; Construction Litigation

  • <p>Justin M. Strausser</p>

    Justin M. Strausser

    Practice Areas: Construction Litigation; Title Claim Litigation; Professional Liability; Commercial Litigation; Real Estate; Creditor's Rights

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    Chiumento McNally, LLC Website

    Dedicated to providing the highest quality legal services for the business and professional community.

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Learning Objectives,

Course Description and

Course Outline

“Design Professional Duties During Construction Contract Administration”

Learning Objectives

    After attendance at this Program, the Participant will know and understand:

         1. The importance of the Architect’s Construction Contract Administration to the Design Process

         2. The difference between Construction Contract Administration and Construction Management and the importance of the client’s recognition of the difference in scope of service.

         3. Striking the proper balance in Design-Bid-Build Delivery during Construction Administration.

         4. Best Practices in Conducting the Architect’s Construction Administration Observation Visits and other Construction Phase services.

         5. The Importance of Communications, Record Keeping and use of same to minimize claims in CA.

     Course Description

      This program of instruction is designed to provide a new and fresh perspective of the Architects’ Construction Administration (CA) services. For many years, the architect has been all too willing to acquiesce in their role as the person best in a position to understand the design and take active steps to see that it is brought to reality by the contractor. Often this role is handed off to a construction manager or the Owner’s project representative thereby losing for the architect the opportunity to have a more direct role in interpreting and enforcing the design it created.

      The program starts with an examination of the contractual requirements of Construction Administration and a comparison of CA to other forms of Construction Phase services such as Construction Management, Project Representation in the context of various Building Delivery systems. It also examines the key contractual description of such services to ensure that the architect avoids overstepping his professional responsibilities while demanding quality adherence to the design by the Contractor.

      Before delving into specific CA techniques and services, the program identifies the sound foundational requirements necessary for their delivery including fair and balanced contract language to describe the architects scope of work, the importance of quality control and constructability assessments to the Construction Documents, developing effective communications among the Project Participants and finally, recognizing the availability of the Architect’s Team including its Insurance professionals and legal counsel in supporting its efforts to provide quality CA.

      The Architect‘s role on the Project is then examined for the specific services typically required for CA including Pre-construction meetings and communications, Job site visits (including conducting the Job Meeting and Completion Inspections), managing and responding to Submittals and Requests for Information, handling Pay Applications and, the evolving role of the Architect as Interpreter and Initial Decider. For each CA service examined, effective communication and record-keeping is stressed.

      The Program concludes with a summary as to how the Architect, through effective construction administration, is permitted to interpret and, as necessary, refine the design to minimize delays and deficiencies in construction by contractor’s non-adherence to the design concepts. Throughout the program, the Presenters will be using real-world examples from litigated cases resulting in lessons learned by Architects delivering CA services.

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      Course Description

      I. Introduction and Welcome

      II. Changing Perspectives.

           A. Your Contract

           B. Your Team

           C. The Construction Documents

           D. Communications

      III. Construction Administration Activities

            A. Pre-Construction

            B. Site Visits

            C. Submittals

            D. Requests for Information

            E. Payment Applications

            F. Completion Inspections

            G. Interpretations and Decisions

      IV. Conclusion


        • 8:00 am - 9:00 am

          Registration and Breakfast

          See Nancy Sklencar for check-in then grab a bite to eat before the presentations.

        • 9:00 am - 12 noon

          Presentations Begin

          Our legal team will speak on a wide variety of highly educational topics in Architectural and Engineering Construction Contract Administration and Construction Phase Services.

        • 12:00 noon

          Light Luncheon Buffet

          Chat with our presenters about the seminar over a bit of lunch and enjoy the rest of your productive day.


        Event Ended

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