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For an exclusive and interactive Transportation Law Conference, featuring Partners from Internationally recognized law firms that are well known for their expertise in the Transportation Sector. In the morning session, we will discuss the exposure to United States law, Nuclear Verdicts, Vicarious Liability, Freight Brokering Liability and recent trends that expose companies to third party accidents when hiring carriers.

In the afternoon session, we will discuss the changes to automobile related laws in British Columbia (Enhanced Care) and Alberta (Direct Compensation Property Damage), what do these changes really hold for motor vehicle operators? Why am I paying a deductible when I’m not at fault? What do you mean I can’t seek compensation from the at fault driver?

Space is limited, secure your spot today and be ready to learn from the experts that defend you when accidents occur.


February 15, 2023 from 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM 


Glenmore Inn and Convention Centre (MacLeod Room) 

1000 Glenmore Court SE, Calgary, AB, T2C 2E6


  • <p><strong>Kevin Mulvaney</strong></p>
<p><strong></strong><em>Partner, Wilson Elser</em></p>

    Kevin Mulvaney

    Partner, Wilson Elser

    United States Transportation Attorney, Kevin Mulvaney, will discuss recent trends in Litigation and Nuclear Verdicts in auto accidents; how they happen and what can the trucking industry do to protect themselves? Every motor carrier, regardless of safety record, faces this; learn what steps you can take to mitigate your risk.

  • <p><strong>Bradford Hughes</strong></p>
<p><strong></strong><em>Member, </em><em>Clark Hill PLC</em></p>

    Bradford Hughes

    Member, Clark Hill PLC

    United States Transportation Attorney, Bradford Hughes, will provide an overview on Freight Brokering Liabilities. What protections are afforded to brokers when accidents occur? What is Vicarious Liability and how does it affect freight brokers? How can another motor carrier’s accident be the event that shuts you down? We will review recent trends and judgements as well as tips for Brokers to mitigate a risk that is hiding beneath the surface with every load shipped.

  • <p><strong>Michael Silva</strong></p>
<p><strong></strong><em>Director Whitelaw Twining Vancouver</em></p>

    Michael Silva

    Director Whitelaw Twining Vancouver

    Canadian Transportation Attorney, Michael Silva and a team of industry experts, will discuss the changes to automobile liability in British Columbia and Alberta. Enhanced Care (BC) and Direct Compensation Property Damage (AB) have direct benefits to those that suffer a loss but at what cost? This session will provide an overview of the changes and what to expect going forward.


  • 8:30 A.M. – 10:15 A.M

    Morning Session - US Law, Nuclear Verdicts
  • 10:30 A.M. – 12:00 P.M.

    Morning Session - Freight Brokering and Vicarious Liability
  • Lunch

    12:00 P.M. – 1:00 P.M.
  • 1:00 P.M. – 2:30 P.M.

    Afternoon Session - Canadian Auto Law, BC and Alberta


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By registering for the Transportation Law Conference I am agreeing to the terms of admission. I acknowledge that I am a transportation professional, in house counsel, or am otherwise employed in the Transportation industry. I am not a practicing attorney, employee of a law firm, insurance broker or competitor to one of the seminar sponsors. I am registering for this event for education and not to promote, sell or market any goods or services. I understand and acknowledge that the administrators of this event may decline admission to me or anyone that, in their sole discretion, they feel may in any way violate these terms and conditions or is otherwise not an appropriate attendee for this event.


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