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Date & Time
September 28, 2017 from 6:30PM to 8:30PM
Lesley Kehoe Galleries
Ground Floor (Rear), 101 Collins St
Melbourne, Victoria 3000

Listen to insightful commentary on Matsuyama's world from visiting Studio Director Byron Bowman Kehoe (Brooklyn, NY) whilst enjoying plum-wine from Choya and viewing the exhibition

*Please enter 101 Collins St via the rear entrance at 112 Flinders Lane (next to flight centre) after 6PM

*Evening Parking is available for a flat rate of $12 at Le Garage 111 Flinders Lane

Tomokazu Matsuyama

One of the hottest young artists on the international contemporary art market, New York’s Tomokazu Matsuyama has created a museum quality show for his third solo exhibition in Melbourne at Lesley Kehoe Galleries. Beguiling curved canvases join quirky sculptures to create a stunning gallery installation. In tune with the current zeitgeist of remixing, the artist appropriates freely from his bi-cultural background: American Abstract Expressionism and Action Painting are in happy dalliance with traditional Kano School painting, Hokusai and ukiyoe with a loving reference to Ito Jakuchu’s famous rooster. The artist’s most pertinent commentary on the differing perspectives when cultures collide is perhaps found in the work #BFF Red Splash. Against an AbEx background, he has abstracted figures from Japan’s now art historically revered ‘shunga’ (spring pictures) complete with reference to the 19th century brown paper squares of censorship.


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